Destruction of Pleasure is a Radical Weapon

Workshops and publication (upcoming).

Soft Fiction Projects are organising a series of workshop in which participants are invited to collectively produce a visual, mixed media response to Laura Mulvey’s 1973 essay: Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema - specifically the section entitled - Destruction of Pleasure is a Radical Weapon.

The material results from the workshops will be included in a publication, which will be launched later in 2019.


Workshops programme:

18th April 2019, organised by ARTichocke, Ulster University Belfast Campus, Northern Ireland. 

31st January 2019, Urgencies, CCA Derry ~ Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

25th November 2018, Printing Plant Public ProgrammeLooiersgracht 60, Amsterdam (NL). 

Credits: Printing Plant Art Book Fair 2018, Looiersgracht 60. Iris Duvekot. Courtesy: Looiersgracht 60.